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Pemba & Zanzibar Case Study

Overview partnered with Mwambao MCCC to pilot and develop the eco-credit methodology, with support from UK- based Fauna and Flora International in July 2018. Eco-credit groups were established in Pemba and later in Zanzibar , and are called MKUBA or “Fund to Care for the Sea” from the Swahili Mfuko wa Kutunza Bahari. Get an overview of the Mkuba eco-credit scheme by watching our animation, available in English and Swahili. For a deeper understanding of the community-based management work Kukuu village are completing with support from Mwambao Coastal Community Network and their partners, take a look at the “Kamati ya uvuvi yenye ufansi" – A Pemban village 

Impact Statistics

Project Information

Funder: Greenfi Limited, ClimateKIC

Project Developer: Mwambao MCCC.

Year established: 2018

Number of eco-credit groups established:


Performance grant / group:

Average loan size / member:

Average loan term: 

Funds loaned per group / annum:

Repayment rate / group:

Fund growth / group / annum:


Loan requirements:

Monitoring mechanism:


Group membership rules:

Monitoring mechanism:



Number of people trained in eco-credit approaches:

% of women:

% of young people:

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