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Our objective is the development and testing of the community eco-credit model. Following its development and with ongoing testing, we provide

  • free-to-use eco-credit methodology and manuals,

  • an open-source and simple digital management information system for organisations which want to manage and track impact

  • links to trainers experienced in the use of the model

Greenfi does not have an on-the-ground presence, but instead supports organisations which work locally to develop and test the eco-credit approach.

Theory of Change

We have a two-level theory of change. In the long term, eco-credit aims to deliver an incentive which contributes to ecological restoration and protection, increasing the productivity and resilience of ecosystems, and thereby also increasing the wellbeing and resilience of communities who depend on those ecosystems. In the short term, eco-credit aims to provide a platform around which other tools can be implemented to deliver a long term mechanism for communities to transition to improved natural resource management.

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