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Eco-credit tools, training & support.

Use Greenfi tools to empower communities to build community-owned and managed eco-credit groups and build environmental, social and financial wealth.

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What is an eco-credit group?

Community eco-credit groups are self-managed community groups of approximately 30 people which own and manage a revolving credit fund which is loaned amongst group members. Groups include requirements for nature protection and restoration in loan terms.
Group borrowers repay loans with interest or a fee to their own fund and undertake environmental restoration activities, thereby building real community financial, social and environmental wealth. You can use our tools to support eco-credit group recruitment, set-up and operation as shown below.

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The Need We Meet

We are a social enterprise established to catalyse the creation of eco-credit groups by helping NGOs, companies, governments and funds - which want to use community-level sustainable financing mechanisms to support communities and individuals to protect and restore local ecosystems. We meet this need by providing methodologies, knowledge and tools needed to design, monitor and sustainably finance local protection and restoration of nature by empowering communities to form and manage their own eco-credit groups.

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Programme Design & Funding Applications

We also provide our tools, services and know-how to local or international environmental project developers to help them reduce the cost and speed of designing and applying for funds for implementation of the eco-credit approach.

Are you interested in using the the eco-credit approach?

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your organisation or community.

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